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    • Pilot project in Belarus: The Hidden Treasures of the Lowland Bogs

      Conservation of the fen mires, the correct name after the wider known lowland bogs, and  sustainable development of the region, is this combination possible? Quite so, claims ClimaEast Project, and shows a good model of combining eco- and economic approach in one. Project Clima-East: Conservation and sustainable management of peatlands... Read more »

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  • The Paris Agreement adopted: What now for Clima East Partner countries?
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    • Regional workshop on international climate negotiations
      21-22 June 2016 Read More »
    • Pilots Project: Ecosystem-based Adaptation to Climate Change – Promoting resilience of ecosystems and societies
      18 to 20 April 2016 Read More »
    • Clima East 4th Steering Committee Meeting
      21 March 2016 Read More »
    • Promoting Climate Smart Agriculture in Armenia
      2 & 4 February 2016 Read More »
    • Clima East: Working with the Eastern Partnership Countries on Climate Change
      18 January 2016 Read More »

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    • Our Helpdesk facility enables Clima East project stakeholders to access, at a distance, answers to specific queries on EU approaches and activity relating to climate change, or other relevant issues within the Project's remit.
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