Pilot project in Armenia – Shaping the landscape: discover the project’s photo story
August 22, 2016

With EU funding and UNDP support, the Clima East Pilot Project in Armenia has been working to restore the degraded mountainous pastures and forests of Armenia. The project is also building capacity and bolstering economic benefits for local communities through sustainably managing the land. 
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Pilot project in Belarus: Belarusian festival “Sporava hayfields 2016” rediscovered traditional hand hay making or Sweat, Tears and the Goal of «Sporava hayfields 2016» festival
August 18, 2016

Belarusian festival “Sporava hayfields 2016” rediscovered traditional hand hay making or Sweat, Tears and the Goal of «Sporava hayfields 2016» festival
Hand haymaking can be an enjoyable activity to do in the summertime. Participants of an ecological festival “Sporava hayfields 2016” from their own experience learned how to fit traditional… Read more »

Adaptation policies in the EU at the sub-national level: context, history and initiatives
July 28, 2016

Since 2009 and the issue of its White Paper on Climate change adaptation, the European Union is leading numerous adaptation policies to tackle the effects of climate change, not only at the EU and Member States level, but also at the sub-national level, supporting local and regional governments in the… Read more »

Workshop on approximation of law of the Republic of Moldova on ODS and F-gases to the EU acquis, in line with the Association Agreement
July 20, 2016

On 14 July, in Chisinau (Moldova), Clima East project team organized a closing workshop for Expert Facility Project CEEF-2014-050-MD: „Implementation of the provisions from the Annex XII (Chapter 17, Climate Actions) of the Association Agreement between Republic of Moldova and European Union: Regulation (EC) No 842/2006 of the European Parliament… Read more »

Workshop on vulnerability of Ukraine’s forests to climate change was held in Kyiv
July 13, 2016

Clima East Policy Project and the State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine on 6 July held a workshop on vulnerability of Ukraine’s forests to climate change. The workshop was focused on the outcomes of Clima East Expert Facility assignment “Building capacity for the assessment of vulnerability of Ukraine’s flatland forests… Read more »

Pilot Project in Komi and NAO: Holding a workshop in Naryan-Mar
July 11, 2016

On 7 June 2016 a one-day workshop on the management of Far North ecosystems for the purposes of climate change mitigation and adaptation was held at the NAO State Budget-Funded Institution “The Nenets Regional Education Development Center”. The workshop was conducted by Tatiana Minaeva, Project International Consultant on ecosystem restoration… Read more »

Pilot Project in Komi and NAO: Workshops on the effects of climate change, prevention and suppression of forest fires have been held for the vorkuta local community
July 6, 2016

Within the framework of the Permafrost Component of the UNDP/GEF project “Strengthening Protected Area System of the Komi Republic to Conserve Virgin Forest Biodiversity in the Pechora River Headwaters”, activities on involvement of the Vorkuta district local community in forest fire prevention, nature conservation and climate change adaptation activities are… Read more »

Pilot Project in Komi and NAO: Business planning for the polar cloudberry project
July 5, 2016


Within the framework of Contractor’s Agreement № 67а-2015 as of 30 November 2015 on the development of a business plan for a community-focused project in the field of rational nature management, which is aimed at conservation of permafrost peat bogs and their adaptation to climate change, a business plan for… Read more »

Pilot project in Belarus: The Hidden Treasures of the Lowland Bogs
June 5, 2016

Conservation of the fen mires, the correct name after the wider known lowland bogs, and  sustainable development of the region, is this combination possible? Quite so, claims ClimaEast Project, and shows a good model of combining eco- and economic approach in one.

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Clima East Expert Facility assists the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine in developing policy on CO2 emission reduction in road transport
June 1, 2016

In response to the request of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine (NECU), Clima East Expert Facility initiated a project called “Development of potential in the elaboration of National policy on regulation of CO2 emissions and energy consumption by road transport”.

The assignment includes the… Read more »