Pilot Project in Komi and NAO: An environmental education-related project about reindeer breeders in the Republic of Komi and tundra entitled “Tundra in its true colors” is nearing completion



ООО PROGNOZKOMI has almost completed implementing a community-focused environmental education-related project entitled “Tundra in Its True Colors”. The project is dedicated to reindeer breeders in the Republic of Komi and tundra, a unique northern ecosystem and reindeer breeders’ habitat.

A children’s playset entitled “The Magic Tundra” is completely formed. It will be tested in Kindergarten № 2, which is located in the settlement of Izhma, according to the agreement concluded between the project and this municipal budget-funded pre-school educational institution. The results will be obtained in the short run. The settlement of Izhma has been selected due to the fact that the Komi people inhabiting the Izhma region adopted and improved the Nenets’ reindeer breeding traditions and made reindeer breeding a sustainable branch of farming.

The Magic Tundra playset has quite unexpectedly started its travelling around the world. It was presented by an expert of the UNDP/GEF/EU Komi project at the panel discussion dedicated to eco-tourism, which was held within the framework of the Eco-Tourism Forum “Yozh. Overall Results”. At the end of the Forum, one playset was given to the representatives of the City of Grodno, the Republic of Belarus. The participants of the panel discussion demonstrated their interest in the playset. Many municipal representatives and the representatives of travel business expressed their wish to get the Magic Tundra playset to use it in their environmental education activities.

The Tundra in Its True Colors book for adults is ready for printing and will be published soon.