Pilot Project in Komi and NAO: Works on involvement of the local community of the Vorkuta region in forest fire prevention and climate change adaptation activities have been carried out



Within the framework of the Permafrost Component of the UNDP/GEF project “Strengthening Protected Area System of the Komi Republic to Conserve Virgin Forest Biodiversity in the Pechora River Headwaters”, the activities on involvement of the Vorkuta region local community in forest fire prevention, nature conservation and climate change adaptation activities planned for 2016 have been carried out.

From 31 May 2016 until 2 June 2016, 10 workshops dedicated to the above mentioned issues were held for the local community in the Municipality of Vorkuta. Ruslan Uljanov, creator of the workshop programme and facilitator, held such workshops for the staff of the 3rd team of the Federal Fire-Fighting Service, Fire Station # 101, as well as for the members of the regional hunting and fishing society, and the students and lecturers of Vorkuta Mining and Economics College, Vorkuta Teachers Training College and Vorkuta Polytechnic College.

The workshop programme contains information about conservation of the planet’s carbon pools, including permafrost peat bogs in the Republic of Komi and the Nenets Autonomous Area and virgin forest areas, and about the influence of climate change on forest ecosystems and human life and activities, and methods of climate change adaptation. This information is accompanied by a relevant presentation. In the course of the workshop great attention is paid to the issues related to forest fire effects and training the community on fire safety in the context of prevention and suppression of forest fires.

Within the framework of project activities, a draft municipal regulatory enactment on carrying out long-term activities on involvement of the local community in nature conservation activities has been developed by the expert. The administration of the Municipality of Vorkuta has agreed these proposals, and the relevant amendments to the municipal programme of the Municipality of Vorkuta “Ensuring Public and Area Safety in the Municipality of Vorkuta” have been made. They include the task of improving the community’s knowledge in the field of protection from natural emergency situations and, as an expected result, improving the community’s awareness in the field of safety related to forest fires and climate change effects. Holding training workshops for the local community is planned to become the main activity of this programme.